Crazy Pick for Unintended Litter

Some residents will dump away the junk mails (from SingPost and errant runners) immediately around letter box areas. The junk mails have become unintended litter around HDB blocks. These unintended litters can be avoided when there is proper place for residents to discard the unwanted junk mails. As there are new residents and tenants moving in Sengkang, this problem has worsen with the increase amount of junk mails.

For unintended litter from junk mails, I have suggested to TC to put up a row of recycle junk mail box (or something feasible) for residents in Sengkang. Residents will learn to dump the junk mails into the correct place for junk mails. Environment friendly people will help to clear up the junk mail box to the designated recycle point. NEA can then focus on real litter from cigarette butts, empty drinks/ food and tissue papers thrown around HDB areas.

However, I have yet to receive any proper reply from TC/ HDB/ NEA for past few months. Many residents still do not see any difference without the relevant authority seriously looking into and working on possible solution regarding junk mails. On my part and some other residents, we can only carry on picking up junk mails when we pass by places near our HDB areas.

Hands-On Green Matters

[ Photos taken by Nokia X3-02 Phone, M1 $0 Phone Deal ]


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