Never Ending Battle Against Junk

Unintended litters from junk mails have become many hot spots for fire hazards. The unintended litters also pose safety hazards to HDB residents, especially the elderly. From internet searches, there were actually many requests and discussions on junk mails since many years back (see examples below).

Junk Mails … (SG Forum, Nov 2004)
Litter at Letterbox … (Punggol Forum, Sep 2006)
Unsolicited Mails … (Sengkang Forum, Jun 2007)
Why are there countless … (Sengkang Forum, Jul 2008)
Junk mail distributors … (Stomp, Jun 2009)
Marketing flyers … (Tan Kin Lian’s Blog, Aug 2010)
Advertisers, stop shoving your flyers … (Stomp, Sep 2011)

After many months, nothing much has been done regarding junk mail (no proper place) in Sengkang. As the relevant people continue to turn a blind eye towards junk mails, many suggestions will just left to burst away like bubble and the battle drags on painfully for months and years.

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