Sticky Issues on Recycling Bin

NEA has a long-term plan for one recycling bin per HDB block (for Sengkang maybe on year 2014), with recycling bins placed at open areas within HDB estates. NEA has also explained its restraint from putting up recycling bin at void deck due to fire hazard.

Every other week, empty carton boxes are discarded by the drinking machine vendor into recycling bin placed at open space, except that theses items will get wet when raining. As the recycling bin is cleared once a week, some housekeeping will also need to be done to flatten the carton boxes to free up more space.

Occasionally, some saboteurs will purposely throw packed food and drink into the recycling bin, making themselves the biggest nuisance to recycling effort. Other lazy and greedy scavengers will dig into recycling bins and take away valuable items (such as can drink) to get some extra income from recycling. It seems more appropriate for me to leave the empty can drinks at other places so that these people will not mess up the recycling bin.

All in all, recycling bin seems to be a good repository for few valuable items, such as junk mail/ paper, plastic/ glass bottles and plastic/ metal containers. Interestingly, there are people aiming at the junk mails in the recycling bins (with third attempt just last week), but not bother with those thrown elsewhere. Who are the real culprits behind the stolen junk mails, the saboteurs or the scavengers?

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2 Comments to “Sticky Issues on Recycling Bin”

  1. On recycling scavenger, I came across an old woman (fishing aluminum cans with a stick) and a middle-aged couple (digging out stuff from recycling/ rubbish bin, but sadly mess up everywhere).

    I told them that the recyclables I put inside (now mostly junk mail/ plastic bottle/ container) were not what they were looking for. These needy people are not afraid of stealing unwanted valuable trash to get some extra money in return.

  2. On recycling saboteur, I had removed other sabotaged items, like plastic bag of coffee/ pile of rubbish/ cigarette butt/ box, from the recycling bin. I even found strange items, like gas cylinder/ renovation stuff, thrown inside the recycling bin.

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