After Many Months, Many Lines Up (1 of 3)

Even though after many months and years, the relevant people still conveniently choose to put the blame on the residents (as easy scapegoat) for the unintended litter from junk mails (from SingPost and errant runners) without a proper place (in Sengkang). It seems too tough to take on the recycling suggestions (or some other solutions) on junk mails.

    • For house-to-house junk mails, TC can put up a No Junk Mail HDB Block sticker (or poster) on every block to dissuade the mal-practice of bad apple advertisers.
    • In addition to the designated letter boxes, TC can also provide additional designated slots on the ground floor for advertisers.
    • On my part, I have always brought all my post mails home, and put aside junk mails at my own little recycling corner.
    • For unintended litter from junk mails, TC can put up a row of recycle junk mail box (or something feasible) for residents in Sengkang.
    • Residents can start to learn and help to dump the junk mails into the proper recycling depository (or correct place) for junk mails.
    • Environment friendly people can take up the green responsibility to clear the junk mail box to the designated recycle point.
    • NEA can then focus on real litter from cigarette butts, empty drinks/ food and tissue papers thrown around HDB areas.
    • NEA is aware of the national issue of littering island wide, and will arrange more stakeouts to monitor the situation of littering.

Hands-On Green Matters

[ Photos taken by Nokia X3-02 Phone, M1 $0 Phone Deal ]


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