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January 5, 2012

The Likes of Green

Here are some recent great posts on green matters

Recycling (by Looking Out the Window) … Now I find myself looking at folks who are just discovering green and shaking my head wondering the same thing.

Let’s talk rubbish! (by ISLAND MONKEYS) … Wake up, Brits, or do you really want the world to be taken over by this here species?

5 excellent reasons you should give a crap about recycling (by LITTLE HIPPIE GIRL) … try recycling for a month- you’d be surprised how quickly it becomes a part of your life.

Going Green…In A Fun Way! (by INSIPID LIFE OF MINE) … Again, have a wonderful and green day! Enjoy life!

Why Is Recycling Not Straight Forward? (by FiST Chat: Ben’s Blog) … The landfills of today which are bursting at the seems with materials such as plastic that don’t break down may just become the oil fields of tomorrow!

Greet from Hands-On Green Matters