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February 28, 2012

Recycling Sabotage

While I was recovering from old injury, the recycling bin also suffered severe degree of attacks (by those who detest recycling to the core).

The sabotaged items include packed food/ drink, pile of rubbish, cigarette butt/ box, rotten fruits, dead leaves, and so on.

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February 16, 2012

Food and Fruits for Thought

First take a look at below post regarding Google’s community resource for under-utilised food.

Free Fruit and Food Share map for hunter and gatherers in NZ (by Pepperbox Couture) … Google – has an online page that enables the sharing of free food spots in New Zealand …

In Singapore, most HDB residents do not grow our own food due to limited home space (except flower pots outside and mini-styled eco-garden). We have to fork out money to get food and fruits from the supermarket instead.

Back at home, we will help our parents to fill our mouths with the food and fruits from festive offerings. Sometimes, we can even fill up our stomach with cups of fresh apple/ orange juices made from the fruits. At the top on my list is to enjoy a hot steamed Shou Tao (or peach-shaped longevity bun).

On the contrary, the scene outside was a very different sad story. Bag of fruits could be found discarded around letter box area, rubbish bin and along the roadside. These valuable fruits seemed to be worthless in the eyes of many others, and eventually gone wasted.

The Chinese can do more to help on these unnecessary wastage, like asking parents to bring good-wishes offerings home for consumption, organising mass food/ fruits sharing/ serving at temples and other meaningful things.

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[ Photos taken by Nokia X3-02 Phone, M1 $0 Phone Deal ]