Dumping and Missing in Action (1 of 2)

The HDB common area and walk path have become dumping ground for the cleaner, a certain group downstairs and few other bad eggs. Monkeys see, monkeys do. The rubbish and bulk items will eventually accumulate and obstruct the way as the day passes by.

In the morning, the cleaner (the first monkey) would dump bulk items at the common area. I told him to move these bulk items to the bulk area which was just few steps away. Even though the day was still young and bright, his reply was tomorrow. As he turned a deaf ear to my kind advice, I demonstrated to him that it took just few seconds to get the bulk items over to the bulk area.

Before the Chinese New Year (on January 20, 2012), a certain group (the second monkey) celebrated CNY with 8 cartons of Mandarin Oranges, some Huat Kuey (or prosperity cake) and Happy Nut (or pistachio). The aftermath of the occasion was the carton boxes and foods were irresponsibly dumped at the common area till night-time. As another challenge, it took me 1-2 minutes (please excuse me for some photo taking) to clear the mess over to the rubbish area (again just few steps away), and to place the flatten carton boxes inside the recycling bin.

After going around looking for some clues, I found an old message Make Gracious Living Our Way of Life on the notice board, which ironically, was just right next to the messy dumping ground.

Hands-On Green Matters


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