Recycling Sabotage

While I was recovering from old injury, the recycling bin also suffered severe degree of attacks (by those who detest recycling to the core).

The sabotaged items include packed food/ drink, pile of rubbish, cigarette butt/ box, rotten fruits, dead leaves, and so on.

Hands-On Green Matters

[ Photos taken by Nokia X3-02 Phone, M1 $0 Phone Deal ]


2 Comments to “Recycling Sabotage”

  1. Besides dull rubbish/ leaves, I had again removed colourful stuff like yellow security vest and purple big balloon. I had also called NPP line regarding suspicious vest discarded in the recycling bin. The recycling bin was also seen lying along the roadside (on April 2).

  2. Again, I called NPP line regarding another offensive/ sabotage attack on the recycling bin (on April 25).

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