Singapore National Day

Singapore National Day is celebrated every year on 9 August (independence on 1965). During this period, the neighbourhood will be decorated with Singapore National Flag and other colourful flags.

Since the beginning of July, few flags (including our National Flag) have been persistently knocked down (even with wooden pole broken into pieces) and dumped on the ground. Some citizens here will pick up and look for a pillar nearby to lend our National Symbol a shoulder to lean on. I have also put on extra green support (green plastic bag tied around the base) for our National Flag.

When the sky gets darker, a particular decoration will be overshadowed by surrounding tall trees, blocking the moonlight/ starlight and street lights. In contrast, another decoration (at a road junction further down the road) becomes excessively bright, making glaring difference with moonlight/ starlight/ street lights/ 3 spot lights and additional colourful party lights hanging around.

The climax of National Day is the fireworks display at National Day Parade. I could still vividly remember the last NDP I attended few years ago. My first and unforgettable fireworks display was at the Marina South open field area many years back. With excessive fireworks display on other occasions and even at neighbourhood area (mostly block by high-rise HDB), the fireworks display has become nothing special to many people nowadays.

Best wishes to all on our National Day. Count on (not just me) every passionate Singaporean to bring back the green Lion City with true Singapore Spirit.

Hands-On Green Matters

[ Photos taken by Nokia X3-02 Phone, M1 $0 Phone Deal ]


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