Tweets on BAA WPA 201309

Favorites @handsongreen (created on 12-12-2012 SGP).

handson2greenmatters ‏@handsongreen ☆ 1 Oct
WPA 201309 Top – ERA(rea), PropNex(rea), NeoGarden(fnb), PizzaHut(fnb), ManhFishMark(fnb), PastaMania(fnb), McDonald(fnb)

handson2greenmatters ‏@handsongreen ☆ 1 Oct
BAA 201309 Top – ERA(rea), SEA(rea), CiMa(oth)

handson2greenmatters ‏@handsongreen ☆ 2 Sep
WPA 201308 Top – Huttons(rea), ERA(rea), SLP(rea), DTZ(rea), NeoGarden(fnb) 2X, PizzaHut(fnb), Novena(fur)

handson2greenmatters ‏@handsongreen ☆ 2 Sep
BAA 201308 Top – ERA(rea) 2X, DWG(rea) 2X, OrangeTee(rea), SPACEZ(rea), RE/MAX(rea), FullHouse(fur) 2X, 7days(fur)

handson2greenmatters ‏@handsongreen ☆ 1 Aug
WPA 201307 Top – ERA(rea), PropNex(rea), SLP(rea), NeoGarden(fnb), Select(fnb), PizzaHut(fnb), TexasChicken(fnb) 2X, CapitaMall(ret)

handson2greenmatters ‏@handsongreen ☆ 1 Aug
BAA 201307 Top – ERA(rea) 2X, DWG(rea) 2X, Huttons(rea), SPACEZ(rea), SEA(rea), MaxiCash(paw), CanadianPizza(fnb), Yakult(fnb)

Hands-On Green Matters

[ Photos taken by Nokia X3-02 Phone ]


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