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January 29, 2013

Green Together 2012

Another look at the one-liner/ two-liner/ ridiculous/ humor/ creativity for the year 2012.

#14 The Likes of Green 2012/01/05/the-likes-of-green
#15 Year of Water Dragon 2012/01/31/year-of-water-dragon
#20 Food and Fruits for Thought 2012/02/16/food-and-fruits-for-thought
#26 Red Bamboo on Green 2012/03/22/red-bamboo-on-green
#37 Untold Story of Black Trash Bag 2012/05/15/untold-story-of-black-trash-bag

#38 The Best of Mr/ Ms Bin 2012/05/22/the-best-of-mr-ms-bin
#47 Beyond Earth Hour 2012 2012/07/17/beyond-earth-hour-2012
#48 Singapore National Day 2012/07/24/singapore-national-day
#54 Green Tuesday 2012/09/04/green-tuesday
#66 One Free WordPress Year 2012/11/15/one-free-wordpress-year

#76 Recyclable Together 2012 2013/01/03/recyclable-together-2012
#77 Junk Together 2012 2013/01/08/junk-together-2012
#78 Trash Together 2012 2013/01/10/trash-together-2012
#81 Zero Together 2012 2013/01/22/zero-together-2012

Hands-On Green Matters

From earlier posts

#04 Miserable State of Junk Dry Riser 2011/11/24/miserable-state-of-junk-dry-riser
#05 Blocking Greenery and Clogging Drain 2011/11/29/blocking-greenery-and-clogging-drain
#12 Pen Down for Meaningful 2012 2011/12/22/pen-down-for-meaningful-2012

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[ Images created by Hands-On Green Matters ]

November 15, 2012

One Free WordPress Year

It has been one free WordPress year since I created my first blog here (on 11-11-2011) to share my hands-on experience on green matters. I started by picking a free green theme and customized the look with my green subdomain, green gravatar and green background colour. My first post was published on the following Tuesday (on 15-11-2011).

With limitations of free WordPress in mind, I have improved the look further by customizing the sidebar with Green Talks/ Humors/ Green Picks/ Comments. I have published 60 over posts (average 1 post per week) under 5 green categories, namely Greening HDB/ Greening Home/ Greening Office/ Greening School/ Greening Web. Till date, the storage space that I have used so far (including images) is still at the zero percent level (or 0.002%).

My ultimate goal is to focus on writing original content that are simple and different, and sharing my hands-on straight from the heart. I have written stuff from one-liner, two-liners, ridiculous, humor to creativity (both visually and literally). I hope my web friends would be able to overcome the difficult time in real life, and to take the challenge/ insult to do more correct things in return with humor.

The main letdown of free WordPress is that bloggers cannot track real page hits on our own, and have to take it very easy on the half-baked site/ country stats. My blog has few followers/ likes, some (including fake link) referrers and many (Akismet recognized spam) comments. The contents here are also shared by other social media sites, such as FeedReader and NewsAlloy.

Before I end this post, let’s take another look at the high-class WordPress message to make the days ahead.

Congratulations, you win the prize! The chance to take our 5 second survey  : )

Last but not least, I will if you will – make international web friends and make exceptional web news!

Hands-On Green Matters

[ Images created by Hands-On Green Matters ]