Hands-On Dictionary

Bad Apple – Rude and pointless junk mails that are stuff at front gate/ door step/ corridor from bad apple advertisers.

Broken Promise – Anyhow give excuse and master of selective collection/ schedule/ checklist/ SOP (on recyclable/ recycling).

Foreign Fallen Leave – Dead leave on 2-D (x-axis/ y-axis) horizontal plane that are chased away to mess up the same area.

Foreign Flying Leave – Dead leave on H-D (z-axis) vertical plane that are thrown/ dropped off to mess up the same area.

Foreign Floating Leave – Dead leave on F-D (f-axis) feigning plane that are hang up on the same area, faking levitation.

Gracious Living – A self-correcting living environment in the presence of right mentality/ proper facility/ self-responsibility.

Missing In Action – Having cannot-make-it mentality to fail every time in responsibility/ graciousness/ quality/ productivity.

Monkey In Business – Having no-brainer mentality to jump at every chance to be rubbish-full/ quality-less/ productivity-zero.

No Junk Mail HDB Block – To put up sticker (or poster) on every HDB block to remind advertiser on green code of conduct.

Recycling Saboteur – Nuisance person who will dump unwanted waste (like rubbish/ rotten fruit/ dead leave) into recycling bin.

Recycling Scavenger – Needy person who will look for valuable trash (like newspaper/ aluminum can/ carton box) as extra income.

Straight-Through Clean Job – Common sense way to take shortest path/ time to reach designated finishing point, without any fuss.

The Same Area – Small perimeter area of the same single HDB block (in Sengkang), with few tall trees planted around.

The Sore Loser – King of mischief who will create trouble/ mayhem (like mess-up/ harassment/ sabotage), over and above the boss.

Think Green – Using both left and right brain to turn grey matters to green matters, not forgetting humor and creativity.

Think Long-Term – To remain competitive and sustain good image with best practice/ smart decision/ social responsibility.

Think World-Class – To remain productive and attain high quality with great passion/ service quality/ international standard.

Unintended Litter – Wasteful and pointless junk mails that are dump away immediately around letter box area/ rubbish bin.

Zillion Waste to Landfill – No man’s and woman’s land, only the trashes are in command and control to charge up the mess.

Hands-On Green Matters


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