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March 12, 2013

Missing In Action #2 (2013)

Chinese New Year CNY 2013 eve/ celebration were not spared from the Missing In Action MIA (aka Monkey In Business MIB). There were piles of rubbish/ bulk items left around the common area to spoil the festive mood. Luckily, the huge pile of rubbish managed to clear off before the start of another new year (just-in-time for the last Dragon Year garbage collection from designated rubbish area), as SembWaste had worked late after 6pm on CNY eve. On another CNY day, residents were greeted with a huge blocking cupboard placed in the midway of the walking path (again, no big deal to move away).

Besides the nuisance/ sabotage, a certain group downstairs also contributed regularly to the challenging/ messy environment. Some of discarded items on common area (such as after-party cake box/ after-eat cereal box/ after-wash detergent container) pinpointed the source of these items (through simple logic/ deduction). In other words, this certain group only believed in keeping own premises spick and span, but care less of wherever outside/ common area.

Hands-On Green Matters

And more of the not-so-cute monkeys (and crab) on the background PCF wall (cannot-make-it responsibility/ graciousness/ quality/ productivity/ …).

[ Photos taken by Nokia X3-02 Phone ]

March 7, 2013

Recyclable #2 (2013)

Break time for Chinese New Year CNY 2013 (except crappy/ monkeying business and Zero Challenge/ Quality/ Productivity/ Harassment).

Hands-On Green Matters

And the broken promise (after 1 year anniversary break) on recyclable/ recycling (master of selective collection/ schedule/ checklist/ SOP/ …).

[ Photos taken by Nokia X3-02 Phone ]