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January 5, 2012

The Likes of Green

Here are some recent great posts on green matters

Recycling (by Looking Out the Window) … Now I find myself looking at folks who are just discovering green and shaking my head wondering the same thing.

Let’s talk rubbish! (by ISLAND MONKEYS) … Wake up, Brits, or do you really want the world to be taken over by this here species?

5 excellent reasons you should give a crap about recycling (by LITTLE HIPPIE GIRL) … try recycling for a month- you’d be surprised how quickly it becomes a part of your life.

Going Green…In A Fun Way! (by INSIPID LIFE OF MINE) … Again, have a wonderful and green day! Enjoy life!

Why Is Recycling Not Straight Forward? (by FiST Chat: Ben’s Blog) … The landfills of today which are bursting at the seems with materials such as plastic that don’t break down may just become the oil fields of tomorrow!

Greet from Hands-On Green Matters

December 15, 2011

After Many Months, Many Lines Up (2 of 3)

As too much time has already been wasted, the relevant people can choose not to continue to ignore the suggestions of many people from the past till now. It seems also too tough to come out of the sleeping mode, and to take steps to work on reducing wastage from junk mails.

    • NEA has a long-term plan for one recycling bin per HDB block (for Sengkang maybe on year 2014), with recycling bins placed at open areas within HDB estates.
    • NEA has also explained its restraint from putting up recycling bin at void deck (as suggested by TC) due to fire hazard.
    • The unintended litters from junk mails have become many hot spots for fire hazards, and also pose safety hazards to HDB residents, especially the elderly.
    • There were actually many requests since many years back (from internet searches), but seems that nothing much has been done regarding junk mail?
    • For returned mail, residents should be advised to discard rejected addressed letters into SingPost Return Mail letter box.
    • Few months back, many residents had received copies of IKEA catalog (374 pages, value @ $5.00) and Spring publication (41 pages, value @ $1.00?).
    • However, there were few copies of IKEA and Spring found discarded around letter box area, which I put the unwanted copies into SingPost Return Mail letter box.
    • Hopefully SingPost would be socially responsible to collect back the still useful material and returned all unwanted catalog to IKEA.

Hands-On Green Matters

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