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August 21, 2013

Missing in Action #7 (2013)


Sengkang residents have seen/ heard (for some, touched) the incorrigible mess/ rubbish degenerated from Worst Practice Advertiser to Bad Apple, Messy Dumping Ground to Grandfather Ground, and Over/ Above The Boss to Grandfather Law. The neighbourhood areas are in fact much more livable/ cleaner/ peaceful during your short/ intermediate/ preferred absence.

If you do not wish to believe in our high surveillance CCTV, you can at least have faith in our fully committed boss (or even our prestigious accreditation body). As usual, you can also take plenty of rest after the complete control/ draining by your evil spirit/ mind.

Dump away your black heart and rethink your dream path! In the meantime – Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe – do your little part for a Clean and Green Singapore!

Best wishes to all!
Hands-On Green Matters

Alas, Many SOTONGs … One Sengkang – blending with the not-so-cute monkeys (and crab) on the background PCF wall.

[ Photos taken by Nokia X3-02 Phone ]

September 4, 2012

Green Tuesday

Every Green Tuesday, some students are reminded to do their green duty by bringing newspapers to the school recycling corner (in Sengkang). These newspapers will be sold (and recycled) and contributed to School Pocket Money Fund for needy students. For my family, our main source of supply comes from the free publications of TODAY/ my paper (daily news) and HEADHUNT/ The Property Guru (bi-weekly copy, but not printed on recycled paper).

After getting precious updates from the zero dollar sources, I will keep these recyclable aside for the green purpose. When the stockpile runs low, I have to cast the net wider to look for other source of supply, such as asking a small favour from relatives. I have also volunteered to do some spring cleaning on pile of newspaper on the office desk upon kind approval.

As the season for making red heart is approaching, look out for Fold A Heart on TODAY (or e-Heart on internet). For every Heart folded, SingTel will donate S$1 to SingTel Touching Lives Fund. Make a small difference by putting the origami hearts inside a reused envelope and dropping it into nearby post box (or few easy clicks on internet).

Remember to make every worth out of the free publications by supporting the green road to charity.

Hands-On Green Matters

[ Photos taken by Nokia X3-02 Phone, M1 $0 Phone Deal ]