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October 16, 2013

Recyclable #9 (2013)

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Hands-On Green Matters

[ Photos taken by Nokia X3-02 Phone ]

September 10, 2013

M1 Customer Service

From January 2013, I had called M1 Customer Service to raise few issues and provided suggestions regarding problem on phone/ broadband. Even though my ramblings were recorded (for M1 quality and coaching purpose), I had to repeat the same story when M1 Quality Team contacted me. M1 would also normally send SMS to customer to rate the service after the call.

   Please rate the service you just received from M1 Officer : 1-Very Good, 2-Good, 3-Average, 4-Below Average, 5-Poor. Thank You.

I had even suggested to M1 to improve the above service by extending the response to take on valuable remarks after the rating.

   5 interference during phone call
   5 poor signal for phone esp town area
   5 some place no phone signal, such as simei
   5 junk message HBank
   5 spam message +65_8578

   5 spam message M1
   5 thumbs down for ignoring DNC
   5 late fixed voice installation/ extra charges
   5 fake fibre broadband 100 Mbps
   5 unauthorized charges 10X

My general encounter/ feedback to M1 are that I have more spam message/ scam message/ spam call/ junk call, sometimes immediately after contacting M1. For the Spam Marathon/ Relay on a particular special day (last week Thursday 10:00AM to 4:00PM ①-⑥ and 9:05PM ⑦), I had to make few kind reminders to high-class financial institutions with DNC (also shared with M1/ IDA/ MCI/ MAS/ CAD/ PMO).

   ① BBank Spam Call   ② 77862 UBank Spam Message   ③ 76060 PBank Spam Message   ④ 77777 M1 Spam Message
   ⑤ C_shCr_d_t Spam Message   ⑥ ABank Spam Message   ⑦ +65_1859 Spam Message

Given my hands-on experience/ suggestion to M1 (and other such organization), I thought the people at M1 should be busy spending your precious time on more productive stuff to improve your Quality of Service for your own organization!

Hands-On Green Matters

Alas … Alas, Many SOTONGs … Many Marathons – relaying with the not-so-cute monkeys (and crab) on the background PCF wall.

[ Photos taken by Nokia X3-02 Phone ]