Fake Fibre Broadband 100Mbps

For a new (non-royal) inclusion to this blog, this post covers another (non-environmental) aspect of my hands-on experience on green matterQuality of Service. This story/ rambling is about my not-so-pleasant encounter regarding Fibre Broadband 100Mbps with M1/ OpenNet (already shared with M1/ IDA).

On the day of installation (on 25-JAN-2013), the M1/ OpenNet engineer did not seem to bother to ensure that the Fibre Broadband was properly installed. When I did a speedtest with direct connection to my own notebook, the speed failed miserably with about 18Mbps. The engineer responded that the poor speed was due to location. However, I told him that this lag should have been improved since Sengkang was already Fibre Ready for more than 2 years.

The engineer then did some test (and configuration I supposed) with his netbook to make the speed to over 80Mbps, and pinpointed the fault to my notebook. However, I immediately plugged over to do another speedtest with direct connection to my own notebook (after restarting ONT terminal), the speed still showed the more decent speed of about 77Mbps (without restarting my notebook). In other words, the claims made by the engineer on location and notebook were false and unprofessional.

After that, I setup the Cisco Wireless Router (up to 300Mbps) bought from M1 and tested the wireless connections successfully with speed of over 70-80Mbps. This decent speed only stayed for about 2-3 days, after which the speed was down to about 22-44Mbps. After 6 months, M1/ OpenNet still could not meet the more decent speed closer to 100Mbps.

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